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Who is Sending a Message in a Bottle?

The beautiful River Severn at Llanidloes - First town on the longest river in Britain. We are 'Sending a Message in a Bottle' from Source to Sea.

Quick answer?

You are!

Every purchasing decision you make is Sending a Message in a Bottle – to businesses and manufacturers. 

Keep buying plastic-packaged products and they’ll keep making them. From bagged bananas to plastic-covered cucumbers, it all influences their manufacturing methods as they try to entice you back into store.

Stop buying them and, if enough of us are doing the same, they will stop making them or packaging them in plastic. 

Positive messages have a massive impact if you share them. Use social media to tell your friends about your plastic-free changes. This rewards businesses for giving you the plastic-free choices you need and can inspire and motivate your friends!

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