Getting started on The Rotary Community Plastic Challenge

  1. Watch the Video and see if you’d like to help create a similar community-wide project using all the help on this website.
  2. Gather a team or contact your local Rotary Club. You can find your nearest Rotary Club Here.
  3. Follow the step-by-step instructions here.
  4. Use social media (eg, Set up a  Facebook page like this) to give regular community updates.
  5. Aim for the target date ‘Plastic Free Day’ of 28th June 2019.
  6. Read through the Take Action pages.
  7. Discuss tasks and roles  and divide the workload.
  8. Contact local schools and discuss this website with it’s lesson plans.
  9. Using documents provided in Community Toolkit, contact local  businesses.
  10. Contact useful organisations from the list to gain support.
  11. Seek funding opportunities and/or organise fund-raisers.
  12. Follow all the step-by-step instructions for each aspect of the project.

Llanidloes Scouts at 6am 30.06.18 – Heading to the Source of the Severn.

They covered the first section of the 9 mile litter-pick from Source to Llanidloes on the launch day of Sending a Message in a Bottle

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