High School.

High School pupils are the next generation of consumers so it is vital to update them on the issues for global human health as well as the impact on the environment that plastic is causing. In a school of 600 kids, just one purchase a day adds up to 3,000 purchases a week in the school day, let alone at weekends.  As they enjoy the extra freedom associated with getting to High School, spending pocket money or earnings from Saturday jobs, we need them to get into good, plastic-reducing, shopping habits as soon as possible. 

They are also entering the most inquisitive  period of their lives so getting them interested in their community and global issues is just as important.  I am working with our local High School to engage the whole school in recycling, litter-management and plastic-reduction. During presentations, it is important to make it clear that the message must get through to all present – Teachers and pupils alike, as this is an issue that can only be resolved if we all act cohesively and are seen to be doing so. 

Local Scouts leading way to The Source of the Severn to begin a massive litter-pick