The Good News....

There is almost overwhelming good news!

Ever since Sir David Attenborough shook us from our slumbers last year with episode 7 of his Blue Planet 2 series, there has been an unprecedented upsurge of concern and, more importantly, action to overcome the global threat of plastic pollution. 

This page and the associated Facebook group will attempt to keep you appraised of the positive actions of a global community who are  Sending a Message in a Bottle by their one single, positive, aim – to claw back control of a product which may cause untold harm and that we have ignored for far too long.

Whatever action you decide to take – start it now and make it a new habit to reduce plastic use wherever you can. Reducing plastic now means we also reduce the amount of the product entering the environment which must, one day, be removed to safety.

As this project developed in Llanidloes, a teacher in the local Primary School contacted an ex-pupil of hers who had gone on to greater things. The young, talented and now globally-acclaimed musician and singer, Novo Amor, had recently released this ethereal and beautiful song, Birthplace, along with the hauntingly topical video which highlights the plight of the oceans and, by association, mankind. He returned to his former school to be interviewed by the kids and meet all of us involved in Sending a Message in a Bottle. I hope you enjoy the video as much we all have here in the town where he grew up. All instruments and vocals are performed by him. 

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