As a business, you need to keep your customer’s needs in mind. As we all become more aware of the harm that plastic is causing in the environment right now and the potential harm that it will cause for human health in the future, you may want to do something quickly to help the situation. 

Sending a Message in a Bottle will help you act in a way that suits you and your business and will help your customers achieve the plastic-free lifestyle that is important to them. In talking to people about this, I know that they are frustrated at how much plastic they are ‘forced’ to accept as part of everyday life. Now we are looking at it, it’s everywhere.

Your plastic-free status and the changes you are making are essential and overwhelmingly welcome. Make those changes and shout about it from the rooftops. Alternatively, post them on our Facebook page because the public really do want to know. And they want to tell others.

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